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It all started with a staggering business revenue of 600% and now we’re here!

Absolute SEO is a high-performing SEO agency based in Melbourne, dedicated to helping businesses increase their sales, get more traffic, generate sustainable revenue and drive organic growth.

Stand tall among your competitors and generate more leads by doing less…

Ranking on Google’s first page is a rollercoaster ride of success, only if you do it our way! That’s because we’ve been in the industry for 4 years and honed our skills by staying up-to-date with Google’s latest trends and algorithm updates. We implement strategic SEO efforts and help your business grow sustainably by collaborating with your marketing team to ensure everything is aligned! 

Who is John B.—The SEO Genie Behind Absolute SEO

John is an SEO consultant and expert with 4+ of experience in the field. Working on eminent business models and websites for over half a decade now, he has implemented effective strategies and tactics that garnered around x million dollars in the field. 

We have worked with small, medium and large businesses and brands to drive 100% organic website traffic and improve their online presence. It’s fair to say we’ve grown together as reputable names in our own respective industries and earned a name for ourselves. 

We started our SEO journey with our own business and implemented SEO strategies to increase our revenue by a whopping 600%.

That’s when we realized the power of SEO and invested everything in it. 

Fast forward to 2023, we’ve helped 1000+ businesses reach their goals and helped them build a fortune through our meticulous approach to SEO that gets you seen on the search engines. 

Currently, we’re acing in our SEO game with innovative, data-driven strategies to ensure your website maintains a competitive edge.

What Makes Absolute SEO Unique?

We maximize your web presence with affordable services…

But that’s not all. While many SEO agencies claim to be effective and affordable, we:

Believe in the power of collaboration

Absolute SEO puts together an SEO strategy that would work in alignment with your current digital marketing techniques and garner traffic along with sales revenue. Get outstanding responses on your landing pages, email marketing, and other content marketing strategies through powerful SEO tactics.

Execute ideas and deliver 100% results

Do you have anything special in mind? Whether it’s ranking a specific keyword or putting together an SEO campaign from scratch. We value your ideas and execute them in a way that delivers 100% results from your website. Your win with improved website traffic is our win as an SEO agency that underpromises and over delivers.

Never afraid of saying “No!”

As a digital company, we believe in 100% transparency and maintain our integrity throughout. If we see the campaigns are not working for you, that means it’s not working for us! There are no shortcuts and dirty games here… We’re here with you for the long term and for good!

Have fun while fangirling over the competition

SEO is just the starting, we want you to achieve much more than it. That too, while having a little fun with your competition. We might get seriously obsessed with your competitors and start following them everywhere to get you to places you’ve been dreaming of! Talk about being consistent and persistent…

We promise sustainability

We believe in the supremacy of “slow and steady”. And unlike most agencies, we won’t promise immediate results that may hinder your growth as a business. Instead, we implement changes gradually and while monitoring the progress and SEO reports, we gladly take things further, if appropriate for your business.

That’s because incorporating sudden changes to your website would do more harm than good to your business, and we certainly don’t want that! So, in order to work collaboratively and in harmony, we go through the following three mandatory steps and take further actions based on the initial results.

FREE website audit

We analyze all the money-leaking gaps on your website and fix them to see noticeable results

Competitor Analysis

We have the skills to win your competitors’ traffic and analyze their SEO strategies to come up with our unique tactics, substantially SEO worthy and better.

Keyword research

Keywords are the keys to heaven doors when it comes to SEO, our team is highly skilled in keyword research; both long and short tail keywords to rank your website above your competition.

Get a customized SEO plan tailored to your business and maximize your web presence with affordable services in Melbourne

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