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Are you a new business in Australia, wondering whether SEO is right for building your online presence or increasing your monthly revenue? 

If that sounds like you, chances are you’re already looking to rank above your competitors in the Google SERPs… but you have no idea how to do it, right?

Fret not—many local businesses in Australia struggle to build their online presence and increase their monthly revenue. That’s because they are nowhere to be found on Google… at least on the front page. And why is that necessary, you ask? 

Studies show that 75% of people never look past page one of their search results.

This means if your business is not making it to the front page of Google, it’s merely invisible to 75% of your ideal customers/audience. **Oof!** That’s a huge percentage!

And what’s worse is your competitors are ranking above you and stealing all your potential, money making traffic… even if your product is above them! Too bad… 

❌ You certainly don’t want this to happen to you!

That’s why you need SEO services by a professional who digs deep into your customers’ minds and puts together an effective SEO strategy that actually works…

Construction Company in Melbourne

From 20 Weekly visitors to over 500 Weekly visitors, Top position for their 5 highest intent keywords, they now dominate page 1 for their industry & have consistent & quality leads coming in daily.

What Worked:

Absolute SEO is the absolute best SEO agency for your business if you want to:

Mark your top spot on the market share leader to rank higher and attract more traffic than your competitors…

Google is undoubtedly the uncrowned king of the search engine market… and as of 2023, it has dominated the search engine market with a share of around 85.53%.

Imagine the hype of ranking on the front page and overshadowing your competitors with legit SEO strategies that generate real time revenue…

Enticing, we know!

Not only that, Absolute SEO keeps track of every campaign, tool, and SEO report and delivers outstanding performance based results while focusing on search intent…

So, it’s not just a one-time-job that does nothing for you… it’s the substantial growth of your business in combination with our expert SEO services…

A win-win situation for you and an adventurous learning curve for us!

Ready to unleash the unprecedented power of SEO for your business?

Leverage the power of guest blogging and rank your website in the Google search engine with Absolute SEO

Like most marketers, we also believe in the power of guest blogging for ranking your website and increasing brand awareness…

But… doing it the right way does wonders for your business!

Many SEO experts spam websites with keywords without doing proper keyword research and analysis… and this is where they mess it all up!

Absolute SEO is the trusted agency Melbourne that implements all the white hat SEO strategies to get natural backlinks for your website…

Here’s what you’ll get as a part of our powerpack SEO content optimization plan:

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Absolute SEO Agency Melbourne process is all natural and ethical

Let’s be brutally honest—no company can guarantee you 100% SEO results. And even if they do, it’s all gimmicks

Most business owners fall into the trap of false schemes of “getting rich overnight”, and eventually end up getting their sites penalized by Google…

Don’t be like them… The whole ethical process of SEO is organic and spontaneous.

…and it takes time to see prominent results.

Absolute SEO makes sure to improve the website ranking with momentum while we work on-page activities for you…

That’s not all! We also guide you with better strategies to increase your organic traffic and engagement over time while guaranteeing qualitative SEO activities. 

We make sure to:

What if we tell you that great content is NEVER enough for Link Building…

Yes, that’s true…

Many business owners and marketing companies believe that value-based content based on real facts and stats is enough to rank you on the search engines…

Little do they know that quality content worthy of “linking” is just a better version of the already available content on the Internet.

What we mean to say is, “We don’t waste your time creating “unique” content that no one talks about.” Instead, SEO consultant Melbourne believes in what’s already working while targeting long tail keywords that rank faster…  

And that’s how Absolute SEO indulges itself in the process of generating leads and sales revenue for your business.

It’s that simple… yet still challenging for many SEO marketing agencies out there!

So, what’s stopping you to…

Dominate your local search rankings & attract new clients every day

Reserve your safe spot in Google’s SERPs’ local pack with our breakthrough SEO marketing strategy that brings new clients every day…

And why are local searches important, you ask? 

Well, “Near me” searches have increased over 500% in the past few years and 80% of local searches convert.

Jeez! Those are some huge numbers to prove the efficiency of local SEO.

Our folks at Absolute Melbourne SEO are skilled in optimizing your website for local search engines. We:

Running an effective SEO Campaign has never been easier with Absolute SEO Services Melbourne

If you’re tired of all the tricky processes of other SEO agencies in Melbourne, no worries! With Absolute SEO, you get maximum results over time with a simpler, no-brainer process with long-term outcomes.

In Depth Website Audit

Unlike other SEO experts, we identify the root of technical issues such as broken links, 4XX errors, redirect errors or others. Later, we utilize our cutting-edge practices with industry’s best tools to perform comprehensive website audits. We make sure your website is fully optimized for search engines and maximum visibility.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Finding the most relevant and frequently asked keywords in your niche, we perform extensive keyword research. Also, we target the search intent of your audience and develop an effective, strategic keyword strategy to drive traffic to your website organically, without the use of any unethical means.

On-page Optimization

Our team of SEO experts takes care of your website’s structure, meta tags, headings, and overall content to make it more user- and search-friendly. Creating high-quality, engaging and visually appealing content improves your chances to rank higher on search engines.

Off-page Optimization

Off-page SEO is all about building quality backlinks. We implement white hat link building strategies and build links from reputable, high authority websites to enhance your website credibility. Besides getting quality backlinks, we reach out to relevant influencers to increase brand awareness and reach within their community.

Monitoring and Optimization

Just like SEO, our efforts with your website ranking and visibility is an ongoing process that demands continuous monitoring and optimization. Our experts make use of their best SEO practices and keep a track of your website’s performance, metrics, and results to improve your SEO strategy while implementing algorithm updates to keep you up-to-date and relevant in the market.

Transparent Reporting

There’s no disappearing after the final deliverables. You’ll get your monthly updates and reports with complete insights into the progress of your campaign. The reports keep you in the loop of our performance-based SEO strategy that would help you increase your monthly revenue and conversions. It will also allow you to take useful decisions for your digital marketing.

Absolute SEO process simplified…

📒 Free Digital Audit

Our team of SEO Melbourne agency goes through your current marketing strategy and analyzes the results. Based on the audit, Absolute SEO identifies the money leaking gaps in your current SEO strategy and suggests the hidden opportunities accordingly.

📋 Personalized SEO growth strategy for your biz

Based on our audit metrics, we prepare a cutting-edge SEO strategy tailored for your business that helps in achieving your goals and streamlining your business.

📈 Practical & Spontaneous Results

We believe in organic growth without the interference of other unethical SEO tactics… Therefore, we stay with you from start to finish and monitor the results together and exceed your KPIs.

Why Clients Absolutely Love Absolute SEO Agency

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Get a 30-days trial and FREE SEO consultation for one month with the Absolute Best SEO team and watch your business bloom in less than a year…

***No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions

When you type something in Google, it generates quick results in a jiffy. But only a few results get to the top. These top results get the most clicks, views, and sales. But why? 

The answer is nothing, but SEO. Those top websites are SEO optimized and ranking high in the search engine result pages (SERPs). 

That’s because search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo use complex algorithms that determine the quality and relevance of your content and rank them accordingly. You can optimize your website for search engines in the following ways:

  1. SEO titles, headers, URL address
  2. Backlinking
  3. Adding images (alt text), videos, infographics, and other useful media
  4. Internal linking / external linking
  5. Regular updates

We get the frustration of E-commerce store owners when they type in anything, and Amazon outperforms on Google search. But luckily, you can outrank Amazon with a proper SEO strategy. However, it might take some time to rank your website above Amazon in the Google SERPs. And your SEO agency can do this for you. 

Definitely, you can—SEO is no rocket science. However, we have to be determined and willing to invest your time daily into learning new practices and strategies. Not only learning, but you need to apply this into practice, ideally on your own website.

So, if you’re someone who has a lot of time and is low on budget for an SEO agency, you can try doing SEO on your own. Just understand the basics of what makes a good website rank and get familiar with Google search engine There are many effective SEO techniques that fall under three main categories:

  1. Off-page SEO
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Technical SEO 

It takes approximately 6 months to rank a website on Google, provided that you create quality content consistently. If you’re starting a new website, we suggest targeting low competition or long tail keywords for higher chances of ranking. However, if your niche is too saturated with tons of competition, it may take up to 12 months to rank your website in Google. 


Nevertheless, your SEO agency would guide you better with complete keyword research and analysis strategies and other SEO practices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) are two branches of the same tree, Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Both SEO and PPC are aimed at increasing your website traffic. The only difference is, SEO focuses on organic traffic, while PPC focuses on paid traffic. 

SEO and PPC are critical to your business’s success depending on your end goals. However, the results from SEO require patience and dedication, but long-term. Whereas, PPC shows immediate results that may or may not convert into sales.

If you don’t give your customers the keys, how are they going to open the locks? 

The same is with keywords.

Keywords are certain words your customers use while searching for your services or products. So, what happens when your website is not SEO optimized with keywords? It gets lost somewhere and doesn’t reach your customers. Regardless of how valuable your services or products are to your customers, if they don’t reach customers, they are useless. 

We understand that some keywords are broad with high competition in your niches, but that’s exactly why our Melbourne SEO services agency, Absolute SEO, offers exceptional keyword research and analysis. To get your website indexed in a few months with relevant keywords that rank.  

According to BrightLocal survey, 93% of consumers used online searches to find a local business.

That’s why it’s important to optimize your website for local SEO. At Absolute SEO, we perform your local search audit to check the detailed overview of your website on local search engines. We also find strong local keywords and use them accordingly, keeping in view your website performance to increase your organic local traffic.

Creating quality content is a prerequisite for SEO to get your desired traffic. That’s because a great-looking website with premium themes and plugins is nothing without quality content. After all, who’s gonna look at those pretty pages filled with fluff? 


No one!


So, in order to attract search engines, you need quality and valuable content backed up by research and strong stats. Also, you need to write for humans without stuffing keywords and writing meaningless paragraphs. Each word should count and hold value for your readers to rank your website high on the search engines.


Additionally, always research before writing any piece of content because your authenticity and credibility are going to take you to all the right places—Google’s front page is just the tip of the iceberg!

The average cost it takes to hire an SEO agency depends on many factors, including the agency’s expertise, scope of work, reputation and the goals of your business. However, in Australia, the pricing starts at $500 to anywhere between $10K per month. Keep in mind that freelancers and new businesses might charge a little less than established SEO agencies working for years. It’s up to you to choose monthly retainer packages or project based pricing to accommodate SEO cost in your business.

It totally depends on your business goals and your agency’s expertise. Some agencies might cost you more than others and provide you with average or below-par results. 

Overall, it’s your responsibility to do proper research, evaluate the case studies, check out the recommendations and avail of their FREE trial (if any) to understand the SEO process of any agency. Based on these factors, you can choose whichever SEO agency deems fit your needs and pay them accordingly. 

Absolutely, yes! SEO is critical to your business’s success as no one would reach out to you or discover you without SEO. However, if you’re struggling to choose between an SEO company or an individual freelancer—the answer depends. 

If you’re a large-scale business with a proper setup and big business goals, you definitely should hire an SEO company. However, if you’re starting small at a budget, your best bet is hiring an individual SEO freelancer. 

An SEO agency improves your website ranking and online visibility in the search engines by tweaking some On-page and Off-page changes. They may even choose to create keyword-driven, high-quality content for link building and customer engagement. 


Above all, they stay updated with the ever-changing Google Algorithms and help your websites secure a safe spot on Google’s front page through white hat SEO.

There are several factors to keep in mind before choosing an SEO agency but the number one factor is researching their name and looking at their portfolio. Just by doing so, you’ll understand the reputation of an SEO agency, if you have sharp instincts. 


Later, you can check the backlinks to their website. It is quite possible that an agency would advertise your website in a way that violates all major search engine standards if you see it has a significant number of backlinks from websites you would regard to be spam.